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Preparing a Christian Vanguard

Christendom Bible College seeks serious students who love the Lord Jesus Christ, have an interest in restoring the Christian foundations of our culture, and who seek development and mentoring in the foundational principles of a comprehensive application of the Christian faith to all of life, and especially with respect to learning and education. By definition, every student needs to learn, regardless of age or station in life.

We are not looking for students to already be experts in these things, but for students who want to progress in them. Our ideal student will recognize the culture-wide assault on the biblical values that are the foundation of Western Civilization, and of their own nation. We seek students committed to developing the academic rigor and moral courage necessary to lead their peers and their communities forward out of the darkness which now threatens destruction of the Christian foundation upon which they were built. We seek students who, though not perfect, nevertheless endeavor to provide examples of Christian integrity in their personal ethics worthy of emulation, and who will commit themselves to Biblical standards. We seek students who can become the Christian Vanguard for the rebuilding of Christian civilization.

It may not be for everyone. Is it for you? Give us a call or send us an email, and let us help you decide. We are not salesmen selling widgets. We genuinely want to help you find what suits you best, and if you are a fit for us, we want to help you start your mission here.


212 Market Street
New Richmond, OH 45157


(513) 988-7232



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