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Code of Ethics

Student Life

Honoring Christ

We require each student to abide by the following:

Code of Ethics

  1. Students are expected to conduct themselves as honorable Christian ladies and gentlemen, at all times, whether on campus, or in the community.  Students should remember that wherever they may be, they represent CBC and should do their utmost to bring honor to themselves, their families and their school by their behavior.
  2. Students should provide the administration with accurate and relevant personal information as requested from time to time.
  3. Students must show due respect to the staff.
  4. Students may not use the name of the school for any organization, or in the collection of money without the express written consent of the President.
  5. Students should maintain the college property as their own. They should not write or make any mark on the walls or on any part of the college premises or its assets, or throw paper or debris on the floor of the classroom.
  6. Disobedience, irregular attendance, plagiarism, malpractice in examinations, habitual carelessness, bad conduct and manners and non-observance of the rules of the college shall meet with strong disciplinary action including dismissal from the college.
  7. While attending meetings, students should be respectful to the  Speakers and avoid leaving during meeting or showing noisy approval or disapproval.
  8. Students are not allowed to loiter in the corridors, as it is disruptive to classes in session. In the Library or designated reading areas, students should observe strict silence out of consideration for others.
  9. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones inside the classrooms, except as permitted by the instructor.
  10. Students will be subject to discipline for failings of a moral nature, such as theft, plagiarism, sexually harassing or inappropriate conduct, and any other conduct contrary to Christian morality.