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❖ Now Accepting Applications for 2022-2023 School Year ❖

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List your organizations, position, description of the activity, and hours per week of involvement.
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The information requested below is required for applicants aged 15-25. If you are in this age range, and feel that the information should not be required, please contact us at admissions@christendombiblecollege.org describing the reason for the exception.

Fees & Agreements

Price: $ 50.00


I have read and agreed to the admissions policy found here: https://christendombiblecollege.org/policy/ By submitting this application, I intend to legally bind myself to the truth of the answers provided, to the best of my knowledge, and understand that any decision by CBC in reliance on the truth of these answers may be revoked upon discovery of the fraud or misinformation. I also agree to the release of any information required by any third party to CBC in its process of verifying the responses provided on this application, and waive any claim I may have against the third party for the release of the information related to the responses given in this application. Specifically, I agree to the release of any transcripts and test scores to this institution, including any PEERS, SAT, Achievement Test, and ACT Score Reports. By checking the box and signing below, I further certify that the information on this application is complete and accurate and that I have reviewed the same for errors. I understand that making false statements on my application is grounds for immediate dismissal, or lesser or greater discipline, and agree to the return of any property, grants or awards I may have received from this institution or any of its affiliates. If admitted, I agree to abide by the policies of the Institutions, included conduct and ethics policies, and in all matters of personal deportment, agree to abide by the personal ethical standards historically consistent with excellent Christian character, and scholarship. I understand and agree that the application fee submitted herewith is a non-refundable fee.
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