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❖ Now Accepting Applications for 2022-2023 School Year ❖

As the shadow of anti-Christian conviction spreads across the land, institutions at every level of our culture have succumbed, one by one. Though the degree of infidelity varies, the Lord has permitted the breadth of the shadow’s evil to extend even into Christian homes, schools and churches—and not just the historically-known apostate ones. God has removed His hand that once restrained the shadow to the obvious theologically liberal institutions.  Its threatening presence surrounds us all, everywhere we go. There are no safe places, and further retreat promises nothing. No ground remains on which to retreat. 

Those former bastions of faithfulness have, in these dark times, exposed an underbelly hostile to biblical, historical Christianity, and the culture its true adherents inevitably produce. The desire to be liked by the popular group seems almost primal as we witness prominent people and groups compromise principles they previously professed, in order to remain prominent. The prevalent coalition seems not to be for the gospel, after all, but for maintenance of status quo upon the devil’s personal cruise ship. The drift has accelerated in unexpected quarters, and a gentle deceleration of the destruction is surely just a chimera in the minds of those disconnected from the harsh reality. 

It is indeed painful to watch. Destruction of whatever remains of Christianity is the goal, and that goal is within sight, were it possible. The degraded culture and its constituents vye for first place in the race to hell, and its closest possible approximation here on the earth.

Nevertheless, “…stand and see this great thing, which the Lord will do before your eyes.” Relying upon the blessing of Almighty God, Christendom Bible College embarks on its crusade of light against the shadow of Christian cultural genocide that “go along to get along” Christians can no longer deny. The hearts and minds of the next generation are worth our utmost labors, and unyielding commitment. Christians must again strive and fight until their dying breaths for the advance of the Kingdom of God. And what a glorious privilege it is to do so. The day of perpetual retreat is ending.

The clarity of these days, in many ways, is a blessing in itself, much like an individual’s personal conviction of sin. It is a prerequisite to genuine and lasting repentance. It aids us in determining our collective response. Will our hope blindly fixate on the election of the next turn-coating Republican?  Or will we finally awaken to see that these, too, are as “woke” as any other more obvious enemy of Christ’s? As Christians collectively, and not just as isolated individual Joe Christian, we must “be killing sin, or it will be killing [us].” Christians acting collectively in our communities is mandated by God (Genesis 1:28; Matthew 28: 19,20), and is the foundational principle of rebuilding Christian civilization.

Christendom Bible College is not the whole answer, nor do we entertain any such pretensions. But it is what we can do with our gifts and talents, submitted to the service of our common King Jesus Christ, to advance His cause in the world. We cannot achieve success or maintain the faithfulness we have pledged in the face of the enemy without the favor of God and the prayers and support of His people.

Surveying the field of battle in the war theater of higher education reveals a dearth of unapologetically biblical and historical Christian commitment among colleges and universities once famous for it. The need that CBC aims to supply is in clear view. The cancerous spread of the lie of cultural Marxism, an ideological concoction drawn forth from the sulfuric lake, has reached into most higher educational institutions in our land, including the historically Christian ones. 

We represent Christian higher educators who do not consent to succumb and yield to the shadowy cancer, but vow to rebuild and restore the Christian academy, urging ourselves and our students and their families to not just rebuild, but to build Christendom back better and more extensive than it was. We are not content to dwell in ghettos and beg crumbs from the enemies of Christ. Our mandate is to subdue all the earth to the dominion of our Lord. For His glory and honor we live. Our mission is to assault the gates of hell by educating students in our one-year program to restore the foundations of Western Civilization through teaching the biblical principles of the Christian faith. Truth is the antidote given to us by God to treat and cure the disease of sin, personally and culturally.

Rally to the flag. Christ is our standard. The once for all faith delivered to the saints is our shield and the Word of God the piercing sword to vanquish the foe. This is a new beginning for the ancient faith. Welcome home, soldiers of the cross. Welcome to CBC. It’s time to rebuild and reconquer.