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About CBC


Our Story

Christendom Bible College is the culmination of a lifetime devoted to Christian education by our president, Dr. Kevin Clauson. Together with a group of men with similar commitment, experiences and expertise, the need for a focused institution of post-secondary education presented itself with urgency. As he draws to close a long and distinguished term of service at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, Dr. Clauson and the other faculty and administration at CBC are concentrating their expertise on the work of founding our unique school.

Nearly 40 years ago, Dr. Kevin Clauson began his academic career at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Since then, he has served as professor and head of the Government Department at Liberty University, as the founder of the Patrick Henry Institute (which is the current parent organization of CBC), as the president of Christ College, and as professor of Government and Vice President of Academic Affairs during part of his time at Bryan College.

The insight into the large and small details of overseeing educational institutions, and in creating stimulating academic programs, as well as the extensive classroom experience with students laid the groundwork for one overarching observation that spawned the vision for Christendom Bible College: Christian students do not, as a rule, receive a rigorous and unapologetic, comprehensively Biblical foundation of all true learning and education, even at historically Christian institutions. The benefit of attendance at a historically Christian college does not benefit the student, the culture, or the cause of the Great Commission as it should. The difference in usefulness to the Kingdom and faithfulness in life between attending a secular institution versus a historically Christian institution is often minimal. Why? Dr. Clauson believes the lack stems from a shift in emphasis to job training from the more historically typical foundation of Christian education in the humanities.

This is a crisis in need of a solution, and while the solution will not be one small Bible college, it is often just one rolling pebble which sends the avalanche into the valley below. Dr. Clauson and those founding faculty and administration with him share this vision, and seek to be the pebble, and pray God would flood the nations with grace and truth, through the Christian vanguard formed by the students of Christendom Bible College.

Learn More About Us

Christendom Bible College is more than one man’s vision. Please peruse the following to learn more about what CBC, as an institution, professes and who we are:

Mission Statement

This statement describes what we are trying to accomplish with our establishment of CBC

Doctrinal Statements

There are two. Each member of our faculty is required to subscribe to the “faculty” statement. Students, adjuncts and lecturers are required to subscribe to the other. These statements foster trust and forthrightness, and greater spirit of collegiality. They are a means of encouraging accountability and trust between faculty, students, and parents of students.

Code of Ethics

Genuine Christian faith requires genuine Christian living. This is our baseline requirement for what we believe members of our community should be doing or not doing.

Issue Statements

In time when chaos and prevarication render traditional categories murky, at best, our aim is to be crystal clear about where we do, and do not, stand on issues of importance in our contemporary culture.


Some of the dedicated people committed to serving students, and making the mission of CBC a reality.