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Laying the Foundations

The program at Christendom Bible College is centered around an intensive, one-year, in-person structure. It is open to high school upperclassmen, and those who have graduated high school, whether or not they intend to pursue additional post-secondary educational goals. The program will serve to prepare CBC students for further academic work, or for pursuit of vocations for which further academic work is not desired or required.

For those who intend to continue their post-secondary education, CBC is in the process of concluding agreements with a number of accredited, degree-granting Christian colleges and universities. For those students, pending final agreement, we expect for our students to be able to transfer 30 to 36 hours of credit, and have a preferred applicant status, as well. Our faculty and administration are recognized for their academic excellence, and stand behind the quality of preparation they will be providing to CBC students.

The program at CBC is designed to provide both a foundation for further post-secondary education, as well as a stand alone foundation for those who choose to pursue other vocational goals, and as a means of solid Christian discipleship in the interests of taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, in all areas of life.

While a catalog of courses is not yet available, please explore the curriculum on our Catalog page to see what types of courses we will offer as part of our program. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about specifics.

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