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Foundations & Principles

Curriculum for One Year Program of Christian Studies in the Humanities

Schedules and Course Descriptions have not been finalized. However, the Curriculum below provides the anticipated content for our program.

  • Foundations and Principles of Theology (6 hours)
    THEO 101-102
    A study of the biblical text, systematic theology, principles of biblical interpretation, and church history in light of doctrinal developments.
  • Foundations and Principles of Philosophy and Culture (6 hours)
    PHIL 101-102
    A study of the basic tenets of philosophy guided by the light of Scripture, including apologetics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, and intellectual history. Removing views of the world inconsistent with the reliable revelations of God and His universe. Application of Scripture-based worldview to culture, historically in Western Civilization, and currently.
  • Foundations and Principles of American History (6 hours)
    HIST 101-102
    A study of God’s relationship to man in time and of the biblical principles operating in American history, paying especial attention to the false philosophies and religions in contrast to our Christian foundations.
  • Foundations and Principles of Foundations and Principles of the History of Western Civilization & Western Humanities (6 hours)
    HIST 110-111
    A study of God’s relationship to man in time and of the biblical principles operating in the history of Western Civilization, particularly in the study of the Humanities in the Western Tradition, noting the compromise with and gradual ascendancy of false philosophies and religions in contrast to our Christian foundations, surveying the events and people in light of God’s providential hand.
  • Foundations and Principles of Natural Science (6 hours)
    SCIN 101-102
    A study of the philosophy of science guided by the light of Scripture, including descriptive, teleological, and theological aspects, Creation and the natural order, the purpose of science, and revelation, observation, evidence and proof. Some specific fields or issues included, including Christian stewardship of creation, the science of climate as distinct from the politics of climate change, energy resources, and creationism.
  • Foundations and Principles of Law (3 hours)
    WLAW 101
    A study of the development of the Western Legal Tradition (WLT) and the Christian foundations, principles, and institutions of law, including Anglo-American Common Law. Included is a critical survey of legal substitutes historically and currently challenging the WLT (including Critical Legal Theory),  and responses to those substitutes from the law of God embodied in the WLT. Also included are American Constitutional Law and History survey, issues of life and death, crime and punishment, and inalienable rights and liberties.
  • Foundations and Principles of Government (3 hours)
    GOVT 101
    A study of the various forms of human government in society guided by the light of Scripture and informed by historical examples.  The study encompasses the governments of: the individual, the family, the church, voluntary organizations, and civil governments (national, regional, and local). Examination of the concepts of authority, rule, and submission, including their limitations. The critical issue of what makes a nation a nation will also be explored. Included is a survey of the principles and institutions which make up the American federal constitutional republic, and international politics and relations.
  • Foundations and Principles of Economics (3 hours)
    ECON 101

    A study of the Christian principles and foundations of economic activity, work and wealth, enterprise and stewardship, money, trade and development, and the role of civil government in the economy. Included are principles of Economic ethics based on biblical principles.
  • Foundations and Principles of Political Economy (3 hours)
    ECON 102

     A more focused study of the effects of public policy on economic behavior, including a survey of policies of intervention, typical justifications, real effects, and alternatives, as well as the theory “economic” behavior in the political realm. Included is a biblical critique of Socialism (in its various forms) and “pure” Libertarianism.

Not all courses will be taught on a typical one-teacher, weekly-throughout-the-semester schedule. Depending upon the availability of the instructor(s), some courses may be taught in one or two week intensive blocks, or may be taught by multiple teachers, or have segments taught by instructors with particular specializations.