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Doctrinal Statements

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Truth Matters

At Christendom Bible College, truth and fidelity are paramount virtues. We issue statements not to draw attention to ourselves or sabre-rattle, but in order to make sure you know exactly where we stand on what matters. And we expect the same from our applicants and students. Trust depends upon truth, and truthfulness fosters trust. An environment of trust is optimal for effective learning.

Visit our Faculty Statement page to learn what all faculty, administration and staff profess. Visit our Student Statement page to learn what successful applicants must honestly profess. The requirements are different, because we expect there will be different levels of understanding and spiritual maturity between faculty and students, not because we think it less important for students to believe with specificity and comprehensiveness. We recognize that is what you come to us to learn. As with anything else, if you have questions about our doctrinal statements, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Doctrinal Statements