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Academic Commitment

Historic and Biblical Christian Instruction

“Whatever is in accord with Scripture is educative; whatever is not in accord with it is miseducative. Difficult as it may be for both the teacher and the pupil to make out in individual instances how to apply this criterion, the criterion itself is plain and simple enough.” –Cornelius Van Til

Most colleges, and regrettably many historically Christian colleges, teach their students values that are hostile to the historic, biblical Christianity that built Western Civilization. These values are consciously destructive of the world-transforming principles upon which Western Civilization grew and thrived. At both secular and historically Christian colleges, the false doctrines of socialism, Marxism (economic and cultural), deconstructionism, critical legal theory and other critical studies, theological liberalism, together with a prevailing ethic of licentious and moral chaos assail the student earnestly seeking truth, excellence and Christian fidelity. Some Christian colleges include attempts to rectify this growing problem, but many of these remain ineffective. The article “Where Are We Going,”  by Dan Smithwick of the Nehemiah Institute (and a member of our faculty) discusses this trend, as it relates to secondary education. The trend does not improve when students move on to their post-secondary education.

To address this, Christendom Bible College seeks to provide a return to a robust core curriculum of Christian teaching of the humanities: Law, Philosophy, English, History, and related disciplines, most of which have received a de-emphasis in favor of technical job training curricula. By supplying this necessary core curriculum, CBC is restoring the foundations of sound education, from which the student may then continue his studies, or set forth in his chosen calling, strengthening rather than weakening his Christian faith and commitment.
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