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A Christian Vanguard

The goal of Christendom Bible College is to provide a fundamental step towards the restoration and progress of Western Civilization as a biblically-grounded salt and light provider for the world, by teaching our students the humanities, historically seen most clearly through the light of God’s revelation. We seek students who fit that goal.
Our admissions policy, therefore, begins with asking whether an applicant sees himself as a potential member of the group leading that charge in his generation. We don’t expect an applicant to be there already, but to have an acceptable level of understanding of the goal, sufficient to be able to commit to training for it. We are designing our admissions procedures to be able to match applicants to our program who have a strong likelihood of getting the most out of it, and joining that leading group. An applicant who is just looking for an easy bridge to an accredited program somewhere else later is not likely to be a good fit for us.

Beyond this, we welcome applicants from any background who credibly profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and who sincerely desire to develop a knowledge of and mentoring in the foundational principles of Western Civilization, and of America in her founding as an outpost of Western Civilization. We welcome applicants who can honestly assent to the student’s Doctrinal Statement and who agree to abide by the Code of Ethics. We welcome applicants from every region of America, and are not focused solely on our own local region. While we are happy to consider international applicants, such is not our primary focus. Past unethical conduct may be considered in the application process, depending upon the nature and degree of the misconduct. Applicants who are otherwise qualified will not be selected based upon criteria the nature of which an applicant has no control. For example, we will not accept an applicant based on his sex, ethnicity, or national origin. Additionally, we welcome students whose capabilities academically are such that the rigor of our program will not be a cause of frustration or discouragement. Scripture teaches that God has not gifted everyone equally nor has He called everyone to be the same or to possess identical gifts or talents. That an applicant may not be a good fit for our program is not a statement of how we view that person’s value to us, to society or, most importantly, to his Creator. We respect each applicant, though we can only accept some.

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With All Your Mind

We welcome applicants from any educational background, though we anticipate that students coming from either a Christian homeschool program or a Christian private school are most likely to fit our program of study, and the ultimate goals of our program. Under certain conditions, we will also consider applicants who have not completed their secondary education and are younger than the typical post-secondary student, as well as those who have advanced significantly beyond the years of the typical post-secondary student.
We expressly reserve our fundamental right to be a Christian institution, and to set our own criteria for acceptance into our program, and for continuance in our program. Dishonesty or other fraudulence in the application process will be grounds for automatic rejection or dismissal, and to the extent it results in legally-recognizable damages (or consists of legally proscribed conduct), could become the subject of a legal action for damages and/or equitable relief. This is not our desire, but acknowledging that Christianity and Christian institutions are under attack in our time, we believe full disclosure of our position concerning these unethical practices is best made clear at the outset.