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Issue Statements

Speaking Truth

The World Needs Salt and Light

We take seriously our call to bear faithful Christian witness to the world and times in which the Lord has placed us. Being a witness for Christ involves much more than making statements about the issues of our times, but as an educational institution, it is a responsibility both to our Christian brethren to state clearly how we believe the Christian faith pertains to various cultural issues with which the Church is faced, but also to our lost neighbors, as a call to repentance and faith in Christ for the salvation from sin. Furthermore, our nation needs to be called to Christian discipleship by being taught to obey everything, whatsoever, the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded. The turning of hearts is the prerogative of the Lord alone, but we have the duty to proclaim His truth to believer and unbeliever alike, for His glory. Accordingly, what follows are our statements on various issues facing our churches and our culture today.

  1. Abortion: Abortion is the wrongful taking of an innocent human life. There are no circumstances of conception that excuse it. It should be punished civilly the same as other wrongful takings of innocent human life are punished.
  2. Sodomy: The lifelong marital commitment between a man and a woman as husband and wife is the only context for morally upright human sexual expression. Deviations from this standard are not all alike of the same type, degree or heinousness. The Bible states plainly that sodomy (sexual conduct between persons of the same sex, including the desire for the same) is particularly heinous among possible deviations from God’s standards for human sexual relations. In fact, the Bible calls it “abomination” and, therefore, so must all Christians, and so do we.
  3. Marriage: The lifelong committed relationship between a man and a woman with, among other legitimate goals, the production of offspring through the sexual union of husband and wife. There is no other relationship that qualifies biblically as “marriage,” and no amount of repeating the lie can make it otherwise. Accordingly, we recognize no other form of human relationship as a marriage, because God does not.
  4. Marxism: Cultural and Economic Marxism are atheistic and antiChristian in origin and intent, and the Christian Church has a duty to identify it as such and reject it, instructing the flock of God in the dangers of adopting the language and thought patterns advocated by this insidious system. At its core, it aims to elevate evil to a place of equality with good, and man (via the “Party”) to a place of equality with God. It does so by attacking whatever is perceived as historically superior or higher in order to subvert the order, much the same way that Lucifer did when he sought equality with God. No Christian or Christian belief, either now or in the historical past, is rightly subject to the pretended standards of “morality” advanced by the immorality-promoting Marxists. The Word of God is the only standard of righteousness, and God, as His Word amply demonstrates, is no egalitarian, and therefore opposed to Marxism, whether it be the economic or the cultural variety. Critical Race Theory, Intersectionalism, and Critical Legal Theory are manifestations of Marxism, and therefore unbiblical and unChristian.

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